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    Lightbulb Take your best shot!

    Okay ... I know there are a few new members looking at this web site and saying ... geez, what could I post? These guys are nuts!

    Well, I would like to suggest posting your very best shot.

    What this can do is definitely indicate how many interested people are really looking at the SONY DSLR forum and also what the newer cameras are doing out there, in the real world.

    There is a ton of good material that has been discussed in this forum. You should be getting better than average results if you've listened and acted upon only a portion of it. That's kind of the point of the entire effort.

    But, like any kind of learning ... you need to post up some feedback and see where you can improve your images ... if at all!

    So, if you have NOT posted in the forum ... take a few minutes and figure out how to do it. Remember, posts need to be limited to 488K for a JPEG.

    You might be asking: "Well, Don, they're coming out of the camera at over 4MB per shot!"

    That's very true, so you need to "resize" the image through an image editor. An image editor program is usually included in the computer's operating system. You might also make use of the SONY software, included with your camera.

    A good size to reduce to is 800 x 533 ... which usually will bring the image under the 488KB limitation.

    Anyway ... post the best you got ... and let's try to help one another make that shot look crackin' ... if necessary. Who knows, we may just learn something along the way?
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