I just wanted to say hello and that I hope to begin posting here soon and sharing any photos for critique. I was able to read several posts including "thcheme's" post where Don gave some awesome advice on equipment which totally has helped me chart my course with my new buy.

I have never used an SLR or a DSLR for that matter and am just reading as much as I can. My heads still spinning from all this information but the more I read the more I like and it really gives you peace of mind when you're trying to take a nice photo. I'm enjoying my new hobbie and am enjoying reading everyones post.

Thank you and I hope to be a part of this board and hopefully one day I can offer my 2 cents.

I've included a shot of my daughter in which I took at her Baptism. It was the second day of having my A300. Any critique is welcomed. I thought it was a great picture until I started staring at it for three days and I noticed the shadows on her face. Is there something I could have done different other than the obvious, find a new location? lol The sun was great it was 99 degrees and it was in front of the church. Would having a small collapsible reflector have helped? Sorry just tossing ideas out. I should be quiet and let someone with more than a week experience critique.

Again, thank you.