I've been doing event photography for close to 2 years, but I just got a call that frightened me to death.

I'm used to doing the informal club thing, but this is a very high profile event and I've done nothing of this calibre yet.

To make matters worse, I'll be using the D80 which is only arriving in 2 days, so I'll have very limited experience with my equipment.

It's a whole day(I.E. day and night) event, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be indoors, so low light throughout the day.

Equipment I have available is the following.

D80 with battery grip(not sure if I'll have 2 batteries)
50mm 1.8
18-55mm (kit lens)
1x 2gb Sandisks
3x 1gb Sandisks

Canon 350D
18-55 (kit lens)

They mentioned some informals of the ministers eating and the ceremonial speakers, I'm okay with that. They also mentioned they want some formal group shots, that, ermm, well yeah, it's pretty new to me

Any advice for me?

I'm pretty much scared witless, because this is a really big chance for me to pursue my dream