I'm hoping to upgrade to a new system soon firing flashes remotely from the camera. But I'm having severe problems with how to trigger the flashes once they're here. I'd much rather go wireless than be stuck with wires...However...

PWs and similar options are out - I'm on a tight budget here, I can't afford to go too high when it comes to prices. Cactus V2s seem to be out, because for one the recievers seem to go under the flash, and that's going to throw them way out of alignment with the umbrellas. Plus apparently the sync voltage they put out isn't enough to trigger my existing FL36 flash (Olympus). Not much good really.

So, what I need - Relatively cheap wireless triggers, preferably radio, that will actually trigger the FL36. The other flash will probably become a Sigma 530 Super, or maybe a canon 430EX. I don't need fancy features, I just want it to fire the flashes when I click the shutter.

Thanks for any help you can offer.