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    Thumbs up Sunbeams Over Saline

    Today we had a spectacular show in Saline, Michigan. It was a stormy day with lots of clouds and the sun was still up. I was riding the bike with my camera since I knew we'll have some nice sunbeams...

    Here are some of the pics I took with my Fujifilm S700. Mostly in auto mode. A couple taken with sunset mode.

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    Those are great shafts of light nicely caught. I never seem to have a camera with me when I see anything like that . I did manage to get this shot of a concert that my son (the base player) was playing in recently. It was the first time I'd tried my new Olympus dslr at a concert & I was a bit wary from all the reports I'd read about noise. This was one of my better shots. I've not edited it at all except compressing for this forum. If this is what it can do with the kit lens then I'm going to be happy for a while at least until I can afford say a 50mm f2 prime for future occasions.
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    misty nights = awesome for photos.
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    Some pretty good stuff!
    It's not about how expensive your kit is, it's about the skill and dedication of the photographer, the emotion in every shot, and whether or not the little bugger moved before I pressed the shutter.

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