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    pavementskate Guest

    Nikon D80 18-200 lens

    What's a good price to pay for these? At B+H it was about $600, but at another store I saw for around $200. Could it be fake?

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    $200? LOL

    I dare you to find out if it is fake. Even $600 is a great deal. They typically go for $699-$799 at many retail outlets.

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    The real lens price is $679 USD.
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    You get the tube, just have to pay extra if you want the glass. Like those $900 D300's Oh you want a battery, probably need a charger too. You mean you want a warranty, and the manual is only an extra 50. It does come with Nigerian warranty. Just ship it back if you need service. Of course there is a chance I'm wrong, and there really are palm trees in the artic.
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    I saw a polar bear drinking a mojito under one just the other day. lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by pavementskate View Post
    What's a good price to pay for these? At B+H it was about $600, but at another store I saw for around $200. Could it be fake?
    I paid $750 for mine last year. I can't see it going down that much.

    If you have money to toss away, you can throw in an envelope to me. I will gladly help you dispose of any extra income.

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