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    Using same memory card in 2 different camera bodies?

    is it okay to do this? because i know you're supposed to reformat your card in camera


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    It's probably not a good idea without reformatting the card each time you put it in a different body - without doing that, you're likely to corrupt the card or confuse the file numbering. With reformatting, no reason why not.

    Memory cards are pretty cheap these days, and getting cheaper all the time, so it's probably a lot easier to just get another card (or severall).

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    I have three devices that take SD- My JVC everio video camera, an HP flatbed scanner and a Lumix FZ18. I use the same SD chip interchangeably on each one, as I have been for about 3 years. Never found any problems, but each one can only display or delete files it it's designated area. The area appears as 100_PANA, 100_JVC, 100_HP, 100OLYMP etc depending on the manufacturer. File numbering, certainly between manufacturers, is not an issue. (no real reason for putting that in bold). Times have changed since manufacturers had different card formats; most modern ones follow the FAT filing system and so can be used interchangeably.
    If the images are special or important, don't take the risk, but in 3 years of doing this, I've never had any problems.
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