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    Filter Sixe for a350

    I am interested n getting a Sony DSLR A350 but I cannot find the filter size for the camera and I wish to get aother lens but do not know what size to get. HELP! Please post soon!

    ; You can only fit some lenses on a certain camera, I thought!?? Right?????????
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    the filter size depends on the lens not the camera. look up the lens itself.
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    OK, take a step back.

    There are many lenses that will fit on your Sony A350, but they have to have the Sony/Minolta mount. Once you buy the lens it will have a filter diameter and you can buy filters for it. Lenses have many different filter sizes; there's no one size for all the lenses that will fit your camera.

    Lenses not only have sizes (measured in focal lengths and aperture) but different quality. Not all 50mm lenses are equal.

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