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    Uploading Movies from my Pentax Optio A10 Digital Camera

    I have taken two movies using the movie mode on my camera but I cannot figure out how to get these two movies uploaded to my computer which has a vista operating system. Can someone help me? Thank you.

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    Easiest way is just to use a card reader ( <$10 ) attached to the computer, or many new computers come with one built in.

    Just put the card in the reader and it appears as a new drive.

    Vista will usually offer to open/play the files, or you can just double click the drive and drag the movies out to whatever folder you wish.

    The other way is to connect the usb cable between the camera and the computer and that also will usually mount the camera as a drive, or pop up a question on what to do with the files.

    The second way is usually the last to try since on some cameras you may need to set the camera in a particular usb connect mode, usb/mass/ptp etc and sometimes especially if you have turned some services off on the computer (from various speed your computer tip sites) or have certain security programs running, direct connection may not actually do anything.

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