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    Madeleine Guest

    Looking for a ~$300 camera that takes good indoor photos

    Hi there all!
    Like the title suggests, I'm looking for a camera in the $300 range. The size doesn't really matter, 6-8 mega pixels should suffice.

    As for zoom, standard 3-4x will be fine for me, but more is OK! Image stabilization would be a plus.

    Image quality is very important, I'll say 8 on a scale from 1-10. The most important thing for me is versatility. I'd like to be able to take good indoor/low light photos, as well as good outdoor photos. I suppose I'm asking for the impossible, but if it could take decent action photos that would be bonus (I have 2 active dogs :/).

    I'm a camera n00b, so a point and shoot camera would be great, minimal fiddling about. I would probably use the automatic settings almost all the time. I hear that Fuji was the best for low lighting, so I was looking at the Fujifilm Finepix S8000fd, but I was reading reviews on it and it seems to be a mediocre camera. So I'm open to other ideas .

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    Look at the Fuji F series. I got my in laws a Fuji F40 a few months ago, and they are thrilled with it. I might be wrong, but $300 would even get you the newest one.

    I've been happy with my Canon camera, but you can not go above ISO 400 without losing IQ. There are a bunch of the Canons in this line that will cost you well under $300.
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    I haven't looked into the Fuji S8000fd. But I do have a Fuji F45fd, and I would not grade its IQ as "mediocre". For some samples from my F45fd, follow the link on another thread - Reviews for cameras under $200

    The Fuji F40/45/50/100 models do have the reputation for low light. I would not give the F40/45/50 models high marks as a choice for a noob, their controls are just too quirky. The F100fd is a new design, I haven't looked into it, maybe Fuji has cleaned up their act with it. But it is currently selling for over $300.

    Another brand that pushes high ISO is Nikon. Their P-series might be easier on a noob than the Fujis. I say "might" with both fingers crossed, as I have not tried a Nikon.

    When in doubt buy from a store that makes returns easy!

    Kelly Cook
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