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    Point/Shoot camera with 16x9 (wide screen) capbility

    been looking for a point and shoot camera i can carry around for when an SLR is impractical.

    i really want widescreen capabilities.

    For a while, I had my eye on the G9, and though it's a great camera for the price, I've also had my eye on the Leica D-Lux 3 and Panasonic LX2 (i know, they're almost the same) because of widescreen and wider lens (28 vs 35).

    Are there any other cameras with wide screen?

    (This is not to discuss whether or not it's worth the price... i'll figure that out..)



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    Wide screen and still photos is just a matter of cropping. You can make any image fit 16x9 by a simple crop operation, which is what many cameras do internally. IMO, it's not a feature that I'd use to determine which camera to buy.

    It really becomes interesting if you're talking about video but you haven't mentioned that.

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