I hope some kind soul here can help me save (what little remains of) my sanity.

I have a Samsung Digimax A55W. Seems to be a nice camera, but on both my XPSP2 machine and my 98SE machine, I installed the software that came with the camera, but I cannot download the pix from the camera. I'm using the USB 1.1 cable and port on both machines.

Samsung has not responded to numerous queries. I'll never again buy a Samsung product.

I can view them quite well on the camera, but when I attach the cable to the USB port, what happens is that the camera recognizes that it's connected to a computer, and pops up a box labelled "Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard" containing a message saying "Reading Picture information." So the computer recognizes that it's looking at a camera, but the computer takes forever and I cancel the operation.

Anyone have any tips or suggestions?