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    still photo's probelm with miniDV

    How do I get the still photos off my mini DV?

    I have a sony dcr-hc14e, I've tried all the programmes that came with my camera and I just can't seem to get the pics off and onto my computer .

    any ideas?


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    stills from Mini DV

    Does your camcorder record stills on a memory stick, or does it put them on the tape? If it goes on the tape, I don't know what you can do. If it puts them on a memory stick, you should be able to transfer them onto your computer with a card reader.

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    memory sticks

    I don't have a memory stick although the programmes that came with the camera have it in the source list for the pictures. It does record the pictures to tape though.


    Looks llike I need a memory stick doesn't it, I only need to have stills for stop-motion animation.


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