i'm looking for a camera which is extremely durable, which consumes as less battery power as possible, and which can make captures as quickly as possible without any fuss.I don't need it to take long distance or short distance shots,if i can see it with my eyes,i expect the camera to take the picture just as i see it,without zooming in or out.I see it,click,i grab it,done,no fuss,next snap.
I have tried other digital cameras,and the battery life has been awful,and i ended up spending unreasonable amounts of money on batteries.the lens having to pop out while zooming,and the lcd monitor,i suspect ,tax the battery too much.the less moving parts in the camera,the better.
i'm in love with simplicity,so if you could suggest what in your opinion is the simplest and most practical camera available today,that would be very helpful.
thank you.
ps - do you know of any digital camera which does not have the zoom function and which also does not have a lcd monitor/display? the closest match i've found is the Sony DSCU60 2.0 Megapixel Digital Camera,but unfortunately,it is no longer available