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    Remember, there are a wide variety of settings (built in filters) for WB on the α700 ... and the performance is much better if you simply learn to set them yourself ... rather than relying on "AWB" to do this adjustment for you. If you are in a hurry, sure ... but, if you are wandering around, outdoors, at the zoo ... set for 5600K or "sunlight." When you move inside ... 3200K or "Tungsten" for incandenscent light. There is a lot to choose from ... but choose!

    The "Quik-Nav" menu is a blessing beyond belief. I ask you, how much simpler can it be than to press the "Fn" button, toggle to the particular setting you want to control, press the toggle and make your adjustment? It's not buried under six levels of nonsense, it's right up front ... select your setting and tell it what you want.

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    Do not be afraid. You will not break the camera. Experiment ... discover ... explore the device. If you get too far out ... reset to the defaults or go right back to AUTO. You effectively have unlimited images (depending on your media), so play and enjoy this wonder of the 21st Century. You are not stuck with the image you get ... change the settings and shoot again! And again! Use the "bracketing" mode ... and get variations automagically in the every same shot.

    The α700 camera is capable of so much more than "AUTO" operation ... and believe it or not, that's half the fun and challenge of all the controls. You can, on the fly, change the light. Anyone can grab a camera and trip the shutter ... stuck with whatever built in settings the camera employs. With the α700, you have a whole world of opportunity to choose from.

    Personally, when I walk into a undetermined light situation ... I initially use AUTO to get a feel for what the camera is going to initially want for settings. It's just faster, that way. From there (the AUTO settings), I know what I want from the shot, be it action, portrait, landscape, drama, whatever ... the settings are all over the place, but basically revolve around the inital settings that AUTO picked out.

    What I am saying is: Use AUTO Mode as a tool, not a selection ... and you will be a lot happier with your results, because then it is you who will have control ... not just some algorithm solution developed in a laboratory.

    I will admit that I am occasionally guilty of the same thing: Throwing the camera in AUTO, slapping the external flash on it and handing it off to a novice for shutter operation (this usually happens when I am just too lazy to set up the tripod, get out the "wireless" A700 shutter release and work the shot. Okay, so shoot me. I don't get paid by the hour, okay? ).
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