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    Question about the 430EX on the XTi!!

    Normally when I use my XTi, I can only shoot at 1/200 with the flash on. I bought the 430EX and it lets me shoot at any exposure. My only problem is when I shoot above 1/200, it still shows 1/200 as the setting, when I view my images. Anyone know why its doing that? Here is an example. I shot this at like 1/1000. It shows 1/200 in the EXIF though. Ignore my poor picture. Lol. I was playing with the bounce flash.

    And yes I'm still a noob with this flash so BE NICE!!!!

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    Are you sure you aren't assuming the exposure was at 1/1000th? With HSS disabled, you can have the camera set to 1/1000th when the flash is off but as soon as you turn the flash on it'll kick it down to sync speed (1/200th on the XTi).

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    Both the camera and flash were on before I set the exposure. Before I got this flash, it wouldnt even let me raise the exposure if the flash was up. With the 430EX it allows me to raise it. It still fires and takes the picture. I haven't messed with the settings on the flash, so its still set to normal speeds.

    Anyway, do you know how I can get it to shoot over 1/200? I think this flash is more confusing than the camera and lenses. Lol.

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    Not sure why, but this sounds familiar ... http://www.dcresource.com/forums/sho...815#post263815

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    Quote Originally Posted by FLiPMaRC View Post
    Not sure why, but this sounds familiar ... http://www.dcresource.com/forums/sho...815#post263815
    Thanks!! I finally figured it out. This makes things alot easier.

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