After months of research, tons of reading, weighing pros, cons, price, biting thru the DSLR world I bought it. This is my first DSLR, I sold my Panasonic FZ20 after using it for 4 years.
40d + 17-55 has been with me for 2 days...2 nightmare days.
I took about 300 shots out of which maybe 5 are in focus. I played with various AF settings, played with focusing points, etc. Nothing...all the photos are freakin out of focus. Im devasteted...Im fairly sure by now that Im not an idiot and that the gear is faulty (although I may be wrong)
Did anyone have this problem with this lens ? I mean...this was supposed to be top notch, state of the art, ultra precise lens. Or maybe its the camera ?
I will post some pix later but 1/100 - F4 - ISO 200 with AF on and stabilization on - is it possible that a shot like that would be out of focus with this gear ?
This is my first DSLR and I might be doing something wrong, I dunno...
help ?