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    Chris, faik your setup is ideal. One of the things I like about the Kata backpacks I checked out was that they had that 'quick access' feature. They are certainly pricey, but considering the fact that camera gear is not cheap (and I'm only a consumer hobbyist!) I don't mind spending the extra cash to protect it while out & about shooting.

    Rhys, yes, I do check B+H (and other online stores) to see what's out there, and luckily for me (so far) my local fave camera store has been able to order most stuff I need from other companies, if they themselves don't carry the product I want. Rhys, If you make a harness, post lots of fotos! As for your unused Canon backpack that is gathering dust, you should post it for giveaway in the 'Canon Freebie Thread' to someone who really needs it.

    Ken, I've researched the Speed line from ThinkTank also, and they too look like an excellent product. Pro/cons you have about the Speed Freak? I had thought I might get a Speed Demon or similar until I found the Kata W-94. Like the Speed Freak, the W-94 can also be used as a shoulder bag, also opens away from your body and has a quick access opening in the front. Cool!

    I'm excited for the waist-pack to come in and I'll let you know what I think after using it for a bit. Which country are you from? I have a Canadian link to order the Kata W-94 from if you're interested, and for only $89.95 CAD!
    C & C most welcome - no matter how harsh, as it helps me learn.

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    so tell us already!!!

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    Ah, Sharon that unused Canon backpack is waiting for me to fly to see my parents That's why I bought it.

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