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    CyberShot DSC-T200 LCD screen.


    My DSC-T200 felt on the floor and the LCD screen broke.
    I've removed it from the camera and I'm looking for a spare part to replace it with its backlighting.
    Any suggestion for a spare parts reseller or a similar model I could use to repair my camera ?
    The retail price of the camera was 400$, and Sony asks me for 300$ to replace the LCD screen.
    Maybe you have a suggestion or a compatible LCD screen with its backlighting for me.

    Thanks in advance.


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    My guess is that it'll be easier (and potentially no more costly) to simply buy a replacement camera. To get digital cameras repaired is notoriously expensive regardless of brand.

    I'd be checking out this little baby from Panasonic. It's very similar in specs to the Sony, and I'm thinking that it's got the potential to be a better all-round camera than the Sony. Although I suppose we'll have to wait for the reviews to confirm that?

    Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FX500


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    Yeah it looks great.
    But I've already removed the broken part and I'm looking for a new one to try to repair it and give to my young daughter.
    I've already bought a new one (Canon Rebel XTi)

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