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    Aug 2005

    A75 E18 Error

    I have an A75 that was purchased in June of 2004. The e18 error started in April of '05. I thought it was just a random error and it didn't happen again for about a month. Byt eh timeit happened for a third time I was close to goin on vacation so I held it for another coupel sof weeks beofre calling Canon. By the time I called Canon my warranty had expired. They said I could send it back and have it looked at. the charge to fix would be any where from $100 to $200. Or if I preferred I could get a refurbished A95 for $150. I sent it in with a note about how the problem had started 2 months before the warranty expired and mentioned all the "E18" posts (like this one) on the interent and all the problems people were having with there Canons. - I recieved an email saying after the initial inspection that there would be no charge for the repair unless once they got into it they found evidence of sand, dirt or moisture. I had camera back within a week with a new optical unit, adjusted focus CCD, cleaned and all functions checked.

    5 days later, while at the NY Giants training camp in Albany, My wife was about to take a closeup picture of one of the players and guess what E18 AGAIN ! ! ! ! I called Canon and they were very sorry for the problem, they are shipping me a FEDEX label and will take another look at it. They said it will go to the next level of the factory repair team. If it goes back a third time it will go to management.

    I appreciate them fixing it at no charge since technically it was out of warranty, but I would be real upset if I had paid $200 to get it fixed and it had the error again. I got to say I will never buy Canon again.

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    3Ls Guest

    One more time, 'k?

    Still counting the number of E18's?? One more. I, personally, have an A60 that I've had since May of 2003. It's worked fine, and I've taken 1500+ pix. However, we needed a digital camera for work, so I recommended the A60. This one is less than two years old, very little use, and it has the E18 error. And I found this forum by googling Canon A60 e18... Maybe this one is toast. We probably won't spend any money to have it fixed. However, now I'm worried about my personal camera. When is it going to happen? Should I just upgrade NOW?? It is, after all, 2.0 megapixels. I will be checking out the rest of this site for recommendations. And I thought Canon was a good brand...

    I'm going to check out the repair guide. Thanks to whoever posted this link.

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    Alien Zulu Guest
    i found this forum because i bought an sd300 in december and just today i got an e18 error and my camera won't work

    does canon cover this sort of thing? this camera is 9 months old. no problems till now

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    my S400 had the E18 error for the first time this last spring... thankfully i purchased the extended coverage through the retailer and they were able to get it fixed(took a couple weeks).

    it seems to be holding up so far(ive taken 100 or so photos with it since) but with any luck it can happen a couple more times so the no lemon policy in my extended coverage can kick in and ill get credit from my purchase towards a new cam

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    Is there anything different about the SD550 lens mechanism to suggest that the E18 problem may have been solved. I've read enough here to conclude I'm not willing to chance $500 + on a Canon until it is resolved.


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    Thumbs down S1 Is!!

    I am a owner of S1 IS since June04... It just die like that last month. ALLBLACK is all you can see from LCD or viewfinder when you turn it on. It can show pretty good pic (taken before burned out) in playback mode.

    I sent it back to Canon Service Center in my country (Malaysia), they informed me that the CCD sensor is burned...
    Way to go! Canon QC!!
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    Sep 2005
    I to have received the E18 erro on the s30 after 3 years of regular use. No factor prior to the error that I can attribute it to!

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    Sep 2005
    By the way I assure you that I am not anti canon. I just purchased the S2 as a replacement to the s30.

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    ajax Guest

    S1IS problems

    My wife and I have a Canon S1 IS that we bought refurbished Christmas 2004. We have used it alot in the last 9 months without any problems. On her last birding trip this last weekend she had problems zooming and the camera would shut down. She changed batteries with no help. She ran it without running the zoom in video mode as that is when it would happen the most.

    Upon return I tried it and found that it would zoom in an out a few times then beep and give the E18 error on a blank screen.

    It is still on warrenty and so I think I will return it to the retailer and see where it goes from there.


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    Brett Guest

    Smile E18

    Hi. Purchased an IXUS 2.1mp on ebay. Had E18 error message. Checked the repair page info at http://www.ixus-world.de followed instructions it's working fine now. Only had 1 screw left over, not bad for a 1st attempt.

    In doing the repair I noted that the camera has an internal battery. It has no markings on it to say what model battery it is. Can anyone tell me more about it and possible where to get a replacement?

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