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    trini4ever Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by hunter53151
    I, as well as many others have had the e18 error on the canon s 400 elph.This is being investigated,and there is a possible class action law suit.Please call attorney Jim Smith at 1-877-667-9489. There is no cost to you.Thanks. canon e18 error

    I would like to be added to that list for possible class action suit. My powershot s40 suffered the e18 error after about 18 months of light use. I took the camera in to Canon but the receptionist tried to insinuate that I had dropped the camera. She pointed out a phantom dent after examining the camera all of 30 seconds.

    I believe that this error is because of a design flaw. Canon is being very dishonest with its customers. I will never buy another Canon product again and I will discourage others about buying Canon. The worst customer service ever.

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    missleigh Guest

    suffering from e18

    I have had my S40 for 3 years, maybe that's a long time to work with it before suffering from the e18 error, but this is unacceptable. I always shoot with my camera until my battery is out of juice because otherwise recharging resets the low water mark above the actual "dead zone". This was never a problem until 3 weeks ago. Now, after purchasing a new charger and two new batteries I've discovered that my "no longer recharging battery" is not the problem. So, I searched the web for more info (which clearly I should have done before purchasing the replacement batteries and recharger). I am nearly to the point of taking recommendations on how to "alter" my S40 to remedy this issue. The "alterations" could make my camera inoperable, which at this point is no less damaging then it's current state. I've seen postings of a class action suit against cannon for this malfucntion and I've seen a posting for mechanical remedy, which I'll probably try tonight. Sadly, the posting is actually for a IXUS, so I'm entirely unsure of the result. Since it's inoperable now, I'm not sure how it could be worse (being out of warranty). I welcome email from anyone who has recommendations/a solution to this problem, as I really like the camera (when it works).

    The error reports are not hype, but they are a sad fate for those experiencing them.


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    moymoy Guest

    Angry Very upset with Canon 2x

    I had a canon S400 a gift from a few friends before my 1 year trip to China. I had experienced intermittent e18 problems, but was always able to resolve them by turning the camera on/off. Soon after the warranty expired, it stopped working completely (e18). So I googled it and found a ton of ppl with this problem, and also found this fix it yourself site http://www.ixus-world.de/index.htm?t...e/e18_01en.htm. So since I had nothing to lose I went ahead and tried it, and it worked.. for about 1 month. It died again just as I was about to enter the 3 gorges.. I swear this camera has awesome timing. I was so upset, the 2nd time I took it apart I tore it to pieces. I now have a Pentax.

    My bf also has the same camera. When I 1st started telling him about my e18 problems, he blamed it on the fact that I didn't take care of my camera (which is partly true), he kept saying that his camera was fine. To my surprise he calls me today and tells me his camera is not working anymore, you guessed it, e18 error. He's gonna try the same repair guide I tried a few months ago…

    Needless to say, I am very extremely disappointed with Canon, and although I was very, very tempted to get the SD400 b/c it looks so cool, I said to myself, Canon has just handled this problem very badly, and they really do not deserve my business again. So I got a Pentax.. much cheaper!

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    Apr 2005
    I had a an A70 for 1 year to july '04 and an S1 IS from then to date.No problems (yet).

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    eif Guest
    Bought S1 IS 04/04, had first E18 10/04, not reproducible by the authorized service, another one 02/05, hinted the service people to test it in cold, they agreed, lens replaced. Just my 2 cents, and yep, registered just for this message, while reading the forums sporadically for a few years.


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    Apr 2005

    E18 Error

    Call Attorney Jim Smith With Any E 18 Errors You Have. There Is No Cost To You. A Possible Class Action Suit May Result. Call:1-877-667-9489.

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    fr@nk1969 Guest
    I have the Canon A70 for 2 years now and I have E18 errors for the last two weeks. Repair is very expensive so I'm looking for a new camera

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    Apr 2005

    Also have E18 Error


    I also found this site by typing in "canon E18." I've had the s400 since Christmas - December 2004 and loved it! A couple of days ago I turn on the camera and bam - E18. Me and my brother recieved the camera as gifts at the same time. Nothing has happened with his, but let just say I'm really disappointed. Most importantly because I really loved the camera! I've been a amateur photographer for years, owning many cameras. I treat them all well. This is the first that has failed. I've already been looking for other cameras to buy cause I don't think it's worth it to get it fixed. I'm not totally giving up on Canon, but through looking around, is seems like it happens with many of their cameras. Does anyone know about the SD500? Haven't seen much on the E18 and that camera. Anyways, just wanted to add myself to the list. So sad though!


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    Apr 2005


    Excuse me, I recieved the camera Christmas - December 2003, so it is out of warranty. That's why I think it's not worth it to get if fixed.

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    Mar 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by ginsengavenger
    Well I found this thread through a google search and since it's still active I thought I'd chime in with my experience.

    I've owned an A70 for about a year and a half now. I'd seen the E18 a couple times and was able to get past it with fresh batteries, but after fifteen months of heavy use it died for good. Buoyed by the IXUS rebuild walkthrough I figured I'd give my A70 a shot.

    Today I broke it all the way down and cleaned it out. The zoom apparatus felt pretty well seized and I was unable to dismantle the telescoping elements--the ribbons around the CCD component are arranged differently from the IXUS and prevent complete disassembly without breaking solder points or cutting ribbon. I was however able to work it back and forth to loosen it up and eventually freely move the zoom apparatus back and forth. I think an air compressor may have come in handy here.

    If anyone else attempts this, (and this has been mentioned but) keep track of your screws. There are lots of them of different sizes so organize well and label clearly. Also be aware that the sliding element that controls the optical viewfinder can interfere with the zoom's movement so it's best to remove it--there's a point near its apex where it can be popped out of its track.

    I put it all back together and it's fully functional again!

    I do feel that these are excellent, versatile cameras for the price point and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. I agree with JTL's assessment that a named problem can become a convenient rallying point--I don't think Canon should be blamed for having built a good error trap into their cameras
    I just wish we had more reliable data concerning the incidence rate of these problems.
    A few days after I first posted my problem w/ the A70, I took it apart to fix it. The only problem was that no amount of movement would free it. I spent about an hour wiggling the lens and powering the lens motor w/ a battery pack (by touching the leads to the solder on the motor) to try to fix it. The lens still does not work and I have since bought a new (non-canon) camera. After this experience, I will never buy another Canon camera again.

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