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    koori Guest

    Adding to the list - another A60

    I had my A60 for about 2 years, then the E18 error kept recurring almost everytime I tried to switch it on/off. The LCD screen goes black, it keeps beeping and the E18 shows up on the bottom left of the screen.

    I didn't realise it is a problem, coz well...after about 2 minutes of 'rest', I can power it up again with no problems. Just irritating though. I never even realised what E18 meant...never bothered to check since the camera still functioned.

    But my A60 'died' recently. I can still power up, but the pics turn up distorted with red/green tinges....Not sure if it's a lens problem or something. Warranty long since over. Now pondering whether to get it repaired or buy something new.

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    Mar 2005
    Man, I agree with 4corpresp. If this E18 problem is so uncommon as many of you have suggested (which certainly may be true), then why doesn't Canon sack up and replace for free those cameras that get the E18 and don't have any obvious abuse. It's customer service 101. Instead those that get screwed will likely not buy or recommend a new Canon in the future. Seems a very small price to pay for an improved reputation.

    Btw, it's been almost a month since my S230 E18 came and went. Keeping our fingers crossed...

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    shr30 Guest

    me too

    alright, i have a ixus V3 (American S230) bought from Japan in 2001 which has well, same symtoms of error but with no error code but the display just went extra blurred and then degraded into horizontal lines and now it is plain BLACK display. The lcd, CF card, battery have all been tested and work.
    The lens & shutter SEEM to work fine. The zoom is working. but the picture is plain black. It is either a problem like you all reported with e18 or perhaps something else. I have it on manual tried all manipulation of white balance etc.
    It is way past warranty, so i have no chance of repair without paying more than the cost of the camere itself. so any suggestions ideas or so please go ahead and email me or tell me that at shr30 which is my hotmail id.
    HOpe that helps!

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    gham43 Guest

    Angry e18 error

    i've had my canon powershot s410 digital elph for 5 months, and got the e18 error yesterday out of nowhere. i take good care of it and am pretty upset to find out that this is a really common design flaw...which is ridiculous considering how much i shelled out for it! i tried tapping the lens but i'm afraid if i apply too much force it will just break even more...i can't imagine hitting it can do any good. i saw someone post about resetting the camera? does anyone know how to reprogram it? or have any other suggestions on how i can fix it myself? i'd greatly appreciate your replies and send my condolences to all the other people with this problem! thanks.

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    Beerden Guest


    I have not seen the E18 error on my PowerShot S1 IS (had it for 5 months now), but I have seen the equivalent lens-error on my Nikon 880, which was long since out of warranty, and is now a rainy-day repair project.

    Quote Originally Posted by koori
    But my A60 'died' recently. I can still power up, but the pics turn up distorted with red/green tinges....Not sure if it's a lens problem or something. Warranty long since over. Now pondering whether to get it repaired or buy something new.
    This I have seen recently on my PowerShot S1 IS, along with a uniform "banding" problem along the left and right sides, which will NOT go away now. I printed out a sample photo and took the S1 IS to a Canon repair shop and they said it was my printer. Retards run the photo repair shops.
    Last edited by Beerden; 04-19-2005 at 09:20 PM.

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    Apr 2005

    Exclamation Lots of Reports of E18 Error

    Though I used an A70 for TONS of pix error free for a year (before I sold the camera) and now have had an A75 for another year, there are loads of people who have had the E18 error (along with various solutions) here.


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    rocker Guest
    I too registered here just to reply to this one. I bought an S30 almost 3 years ago now and it started acting up about a year ago. E18 error intermittently when I tried to start it up or shut it down and the lens wouldn't extend/retract. I've been here doing research on the newer models as I was about to replace it possibly with an SD200, praying that it doesn't have the same problems. I, being somewhat like a kid, sat there opening and closing it until it finally worked correctly (maybe 40 tries) and the camera works fine for maybe a week or 2. Also been abusing the camera to get it to work (banging it on the side, pulling on the lens mechanism, hell, figured it's that or throw it in the trash at this point) and I am always able to get it to work, somehow. This last go around, I thought it finally died completely as it wouldn't start up, but after pulling in different directions, I found that pulling it upward while starting it got it working again. Mind you, this camera saw absolutely no abuse before the E18 error initially occurred.

    On another note, my brother just informed me that his first camera (from a while ago) died with an E18 error, but I doubt he is as much of the "smash the square peg into the round hole" type of guy that I am.

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    Nov 2004
    Brian Jones, yes I do admit its a bad problem, this E18 error. The Canon people are not very proactive in tackling it too.

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    ramadude Guest

    Canon A80 E18 error

    I own a Canon A80 since Dec 2003 and I have had no problems until Mar 2005. After a security check (international travel), I got the dreaded E18 error. The camera has been handled with a lot of care and well maintained until then. I could not explain why I got that problem.

    I called Canon Customer service and explained what happened and Gary (CSR) asked me to ship it to Canon service center to his attention and that Canon would fix it at no charge.

    I sent my camera to Canon and I got my camera back the last weekend and It works like a charm. Canon fixed the camera and did not charge me anything and shipped it back at their cost. My out of pocket expense was only the shipping charge to send the camera to Canon.

    Summary, Canon's digital camera is not free of it's flaws but Canon's customer service made up for their production flaw. I am one happy customer and I am sure my next camera will be a Canon.

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    Apr 2005

    canon e18 error

    I, as well as many others have had the e18 error on the canon s 400 elph.This is being investigated,and there is a possible class action law suit.Please call attorney Jim Smith at 1-877-667-9489. There is no cost to you.Thanks. canon e18 error

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