OK. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm getting darn tired of the stupid E18 error rumormill. We have a lot of Canon owners on this forum, and I have yet to see any DCRP Canon owner report this error.

If you have had, or currently have, a documented E18 error on you camera give us the particulars. I don't mean hear-say on the web, but actual first hand experience.

I have many freinds and relatives that have purchased all maner of Canons, in the past 2 years, and none has had a problem with the lens sticking (E18 error) or any other fatal error that I know of.

I suspect that this is being perpetuated by someone unhappy with Canon and trying to keep a one-time problem out there as a worldwide and productline wide problem, when it is not.

Jeff if this survey is not to your liking then I won't feel bad about you killing it. But I think we need to put this to rest, as it has become a more common point of reference again, after disappearing for many months.

Or put your 2 cents worth in as well.