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You have it light, young one! Muahahahahaha
Yeah, if money was not an issue I'd have the CZ 16-35, 24-70 and the G 70-200, Tammy 200-500, and a handful of primes. Probably keep the 16-85 on since it's lighter. But really there would still be a pretty nasty weight issue.

Basically the plan right now is to see how much I like the 50mm prime, and decide if I want to get the Tamron 17-50, or go the prime route. I'm loving the 50mm so far, and it seems like a lot of people skip zooms altogether and just carry a few primes.

It's just hard to think that the MinO 24 or the MinO/Sony 28 would really be preferable to getting the T 17-50mm.