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    The year of change. . .

    In April 2007 I made a large change in my life. I amassed a very respectable Canon kit which was made up of a Rebel XT, 30D, 17-55 2.8 IS, 35 f/2.0, 50 f/1.4, 85 f/1.8 and a 70-300 IS USM + a 550EX. I was finally securing the final pieces of a kit that was two years in the making. Then, at a drop of the hat, I jumped ship. I sold everything canon when my D80 arrived. I don't have as good of a kit as my canon set up, but I'm a better photographer because of the switch. I really believe with the release of the D300 + D3 that I have choosen the right camp to be a part of for me. That was a big move for me.

    Last week I made another big move.

    This baby arrived last Tuesday:

    Yep, I switched from Canon to Nikon and from Windows to OS X. . . and it wasn't until just now that I realized that I did it within one year no less - oh and I'd be a fool not mention somewhere in there I got married too! I took my first plane ride, went out of the country and saw my first sunset on foreign soil - Negril Jamaca seen below

    Reflecting back on the last year its been a mighty fantastic year for me. Sorry about all the me talk. I wanted to stop by and say hi and explain why I've been somewhat of a ghost 'round these parts of late. I check in at least once a week to see what you crazy fools are up too - it seems like Jeff should change the name of this forum to D300 users. . .

    Here are a few more recent snaps, fresh out of Aperture:

    *iPhone also somewhat new (2 months old).

    So, I guess you can see now why I haven't bought any new camera gear. Man, I really wanted that damn 24-70 too. It was just time for a new computer.
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    There is nothing worse than a Mac convert, they are even more painful than Lightroom converts.

    Congratulations on getting married.
    Congratulations on switching from the C company to Nikon.
    Congratulations on starting to explore the world outside the borders of the USA, it's a great place and well worthwhile looking around.
    As far as the Mac is concerned, don't worry the gloss will wear off the first time you try to get tech support from the people at Cuppertino.

    P.S. You might want to check the links in your signature. The Lightroom to Flickr one does not work.

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    Sorry about the Mac and Apple gear.

    Congrats on the Nikon switch. I also just made the jump into Nikon after contemplating all the brands. I felt that it offered the best setup and ergonomics for me.
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    I won't bother saying much other than ... enjoy your photography and congrats on the switchover. Such a bold move. LOL Some people go one way ... others ... not so much.
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    you have an uncanny ability to make the most mundane things look intriguing.
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    OK, Ap some unsolicited marital advice.

    1. Never go to bed mad.
    2. You'll never be mad if you remember she's always right.
    3. She's never wrong.
    4. There will come a time when she will drive you crazy.
    5. Always remember silly things like flowers and candy.
    6. And those dang Aniversaries too.
    7. Remember to count to ten backwards and forward.
    8. Yes your in it for the long haul buy a dump truck.
    9. So you can have some place to put all those things she never wants to throw away.
    10. Don't forget to print this list and in ten years look back on it and laugh your arse off you'll need a good one then. lol

    My prayers and best wishes to your new union. Always remember to be "happy" together.

    I can identify with the move from Nikon though I didn't have an extensive investment. I went where I thought my future lied. And the future looks outstanding. Thanks for the help I'm likeing the CLS deal so far haven't had the time to put it through the paces yet.

    Now the Mac thing is where we part company. j/k lmao nah I'm leaving AMD after 5-6 yrs going quad core Intel back 2 my roots. Seriously congrats on the new system they've got some cool graphics integration going on.

    Great shots nothing like when a plan comes together talk to you soon mate.
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    Wow, what a year! Congrats on everything and handling it with aplomb. Great pics, btw.

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    Just to wind kiwi up congrats on your choice of the smarter apple. Good choice for the gear as well

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    Judging from this thread there must only be 2 mac users here...

    aparmley... Congratulations on getting married!!

    I hope you enjoy your D80 AND your shiny new imac!!

    I also went through similar change in the last year, minus getting married of course... I bought a Rebel XT and a bunch of lenses, then one day decided it just wasn't the camera for me, went window shopping and decided on the D80. Then just walking around SoHo, I passed the Apple store. My girlfriend suggested we go and look at macs, since I'm into photography. Long story short I bought a MacBook that day.

    It is SO refreshing to come home and not have to troubleshoot another windows pc. I do enough of that all day at work.
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