I've just bought one of these and I must say I love it.

I just wondered whether or not any other members have any knowledge about lens compatibility?

Reading the reviews before I bought mine, I was under the impression that all Pentax compatible K mount lenses would work (although not necessarily with full electronic function)

I have a Sirius MC 80-200mm auto zoom that I was hoping would tide me over until I could afford to buy original equipment. It fits the camera body perfectly but I just get 'AV....' flashing by way of a reading and the camera will not operate.

At risk of sounding like a techno-tard here (I do have my moments), am I missing something here? Is there an override function I have not grasped or is this lens simply no good for this camera?

If it is not then I am in the market for a new zoom - any pointers folks?

Any help would be appreciated