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    Canon 40d and XSI vs. Sony A300/350

    This might be a complicated question (or perhaps I am making this more complicated than what it needs to be): I previously asked between the purchase of the 40d and the XSI - I received sufficient opinions that made me decide to wait for the XSI. I just purchased this book on Digital Photography and Cameras - it essentially stated that while you need a good camera you also need a very good lens (which I knew) - I also know that Canon has some good lens in various price ranges.

    Yesterday I read up on the new Sony A300/350 - it seemed to get good previews and a couple sites stated that the A300 would outperform the XSI - which got me thinking about Sony lens. The more I reviewed Sony Lens it appeared that most of their lens are not on par with the Canon lens. I guess my conclusion was that if I were able to find some good lens in Sony (equal to the new Canon 18-55 kit lens and perhaps the 55-250 lens) then I would consider getting that camera instead. I was just wondering if anyone's research came up with a different conclusion?

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    I don't know that much about DSLR's so don't take what I'm saying as fact. I too am getting into the DSLR area. So far it seeems from an outsiders (no brand snobery) perspective, that the Canon Xti / Xsi are fantastic choices for lightwieght DSLR's with the 40D being an amazing choice for a more advanced version with proper manual controls.

    I've not brought a lense for my camera yet but from my experiance so far the canon lenses seem to have an increadibly diverse range that is only limited by your demands, i.e. IS, USM, L, etc.

    So far i've not met anyone along my inquisition for a decent SLR camera and lense who's given me a satisfactory reason for choosing Sony lenses over Canon or Nikon.

    From what i've discovered as a new SLR user, The Frames per second (how many shot you can shoot in a seconds), Is only important if your going to photograph action sports (like tenis, paintball, rugby, etc) / Children or Catching adults unaware (i.e. situations where the subject of the photo forgets / doesn't realise he's being photograph'd).

    From my perpective at least (as someone just entering the market), The Xti/Xsi is fantasitc for a light wieght DSLR camera with some amazing lense options, Whilst the 40D seems to be a more professional level camera that has alot more versitility and can fit pritty much any canon lense.

    Having just brought a canon 40d I'd highly recomend it. As the lense selection is so great i'm having alot of problems deciding which to invest in (which is a good thing). From the shoots i've seen from people / amatures with the canon / nikon lenses they seem to produce the most amazing photographs if your not a photogaphy snob and are just looking for pictures that look great. DCreasource does fantastics reviews of the SLR's and If you've not read them alread of the camera's your compairing I suggest you do.

    Once again I'm simply a beginner in the SLR market so I'll probably get some forum warriors telling me I'm talking shit. But if you want my opinion stick with the XTi/Xsi for light wieght or the 40D for Versitility.

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