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    Lets settle this: 16-85 VR review

    Okay, with a very quick Google search, I have found one of the first, if not THE first, 16-85 VR review.

    It is in French, so I am linking you to an English translated version of the webpage. If you prefer to read in French, or can read better in another language, please use the "Original French version" link and have Google, or some other program translate the page for you. Remember to click on the "next" icons if you wish to continue with the translated version. If you use the pull down menu at the bottom, it will not translate the next page.


    Original French version:


    From what I can see, its got some really good resolution in the center but corner resolution leaves something to be desired (as seen in the brick tests), lots of distortion on the wide end, as should be expected from this focal range, some vignetting (but not as bad as the 18-70), and I can not understand their CA test. From other test shots I have seen, the CA isn't that bad. A little pink and green here and there, but it can be cleaned up in post if required.

    So there it is folks.
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