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Thread: Lightroom 2

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    Lightroom 2

    My major software wholesaler has listed Lightroom 2 as being available in 10 days and they are usually fairly accurate about that sort of thing.
    Strange how it's been released so soon after Capture NX 2.

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    I heard from one of the Beta testers on Lightroom 2 that we should stick with Lightroom for awhile as the beta version has some issues still. Take that for what it's worth.

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    That's what a beta version is. It's use at your own risk because it still has bugs in it software. You cannot say stay away from a product because the beta has bugs. When Lightroom was originally produced the three beta versions before the actual release all got progressively better then the final release version was another substantial step forward after the last beta.
    I haven't had any real issues with the beta but I must admit I haven't played with it that much but from what I have read and seen there are some great improvements.

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    Lightroom 2 is a great program. Sure they need to work out the bugs, but for editing hundreds of files at a time, its fast.

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