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    Kennsimm Guest

    Scared, but unhurt

    I usually do a very thorough investigation on a company before I purchase an Item. However, because of the high rating Butterflyphoto.com, which also runs another website buydigitaldirect.com (note the identical setup), on Pricegrabber I skipped the check. Thus, I placed an online order for the Fuji film Finepix S5100, lens, carry bag, charger/ batts. and XD picture card. Later in the day, I contacted Sam, a gruff sounding salesperson to confirm my order. He convinced me that I could get 2 pro. $249.00 lens (1 wide & 1 telephoto) and a 256xd card (replacing my originally ordered 128mb card) for an additional $150.00--I agreed. He promised a next day ship from NYC to my place NYS.

    Five days later I am still waiting for a confirmation email and tracking number, or some shipment acknowledgement. In addition, a call to their toll-free number yielded no answer, not even the regular welcome to Butterfly photo message. I started to panic folks, so I contacted my credit card comp. to get details about fraud. The next day I managed to get in touch with Sam again who assured me that my order would ship that evening. Surprisingly I did receive a tracking number that evening, meanwhile 2 days later my order arrived with all promised merchandise--what a scare after reading all the horror stories. I feel for everyone who did not get the products that they ordered. Bottom line, I will not order from them again and will not shop from any site listed on Pricegrabber.

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    Butterfly Photo - High Rating ???

    If you check Butterfly Photo's rating at resellerratings.com you'll see that they have an overall rating of 7.14. On a scale of 10 that isn't exactly great. I've found the best service and decent prices at places like Newegg, Zip-Zoom-Fly and B&H Photo. Their ratings consistently fall in the 9 plus category. Regardless of where you shop it's always wise to check them out at Resellerratings.com before you buy.

    You'll find that the places with the rock bottom camera prices almost always have strings attached. In most cases it's talking the customer into buying overpriced and often inferior accessories and/or extended warranties that are very likely to be bogus.

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    harpergirl Guest


    Just to let you know that Butterflyphoto is spamming "Downunder".
    Had an email today to say I had bought one of their laptop computers for US$2.5K - I had never heard of them until today.
    Sorry to sound parochial but I wouldn't be buying offshore anyway.
    Have notified the bank and authorities down here immediately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by harpergirl View Post
    Just to let you know that Butterflyphoto is spamming "Downunder".
    Had an email today to say I had bought one of their laptop computers for US$2.5K - I had never heard of them until today.
    Sorry to sound parochial but I wouldn't be buying offshore anyway.
    Have notified the bank and authorities down here immediately.
    If you have never given them a credit card, what do you have to notify your bank for? Someone probably purchased something from them and put in the wrong email address. In fact the person who probably put the wrong email in was pissed that they have not recieved a confirmation on their purchase . I am not trying to to be mean, but I say you are over-reacting a touch, it was probably a simple mistake.
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    I can't speak for Butterfly, but as a customer service manager for a good sized company (some number of hundreds of orders a day) I can tell you there are more ways that you imagine to have "some" problem - big or little - with an order. We ALWAYS try to get orders out on time and complete. If there is a problem on your end or ours that requires a phone call or email - we call or email you.

    However, even a good-sized company has system problems on occassion. Orders show "printed" but did not ship because...we have no idea :-) Every few days perhaps, we do an "open order report" which shows those type of orders, then we try to figure out via tracking numbers, shipping software, credit card billing software, etc, if it really did or did not ship, then try to straighten it out in a fair manner.

    Also, if you don't get an email it does not mean we did not send it. AOL, Wmconnect, CS and a couple other hosts flatly block our automatic email (with links, or even re: in the header) as spam. We've filled out all the requests and AOL does not whitelist us. Sorry, not much I can do about that.

    In the case of the claim of getting everything but the camera itself, I would check the weight of the package (it gets weighed for shipping charge purposes) and compare it to a duplicate complete order. If they are the same, there is not a whole lot I would do, frankly. So yeah, the customer cancels the credit card and we lose on that one. If it's a 50-50 thing, we err on the side of the customer, especially repeaters, as at least we have some history with them. Same goes for packages that UPS, FedEx or Priority mail says was delivered but the customer says they never got. I know for a fact that in one case that a slightly-Alzheimer afflicted peroson got the mail first and set it aside - and never told the customer, though they finally found it.

    Just today, some guy in Jamaica complained that his freight-forwarder in Miami had moved (he did not know that!) so his $500-order was delivered to some people who are not freight forwarders. Are we responsible? I think not. Am I sending a UPS call tag to pick it up and return it to us for $20 something bucks? I think not.

    As far as the original question...I've spent around $5000 at Amazon over a few years, and bought pain-free from Sigma4Less ($379), Beach Camera ($900), and Adorama ($239, and small stuff) and J&R Computer ($400). Maybe I'm just lucky.

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    sebastiank Guest

    Angry They sure do suck

    I recently tried to purchase a Panasonic FZ7K from butterflyphoto since on jr.com they were out of stock. the problem that I have got is that when I got the pack the memory card (included) 16 mb was missing and the CD with drivers and programs was replaced by a cheap filthy copy made by one burner with the same qualities (I was not able to read it on any of my 4 DVD/CD RWs). The blank was white from Staples with fingerprints all over it. I didn't plan to use the programs or the card (since it is ridiculously small -16mb) but however,this is not possible, especially after purchasing it at 280$ when at jr.com is 266$ with a 512sd card included. I am sure that my representative (CHRIS) decided for me that I do not need those accesories and remove them from my package. Finally, I decided to return the product (on my expense natirally!!) and buy another one from jr.com.
    Thus, they are NOT CHEAP but CHEATERS FOR SURE...so beware! I am waiting now to see if they will reimburse me in time. and...I wouldn't trust the ratings that much either. more likely some forums.

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    cthulhu Guest

    Poor customer service, twice--order cancelled

    A friend recently gave me several accessories for a Fuji Finepix S5200 cam. I found this cam "in stock" at butterflyphoto and placed an order. A day or so later I got an email from them urgently asking me to call about my order. I called them, waited on hold for more than half an hour, and gave up. The next day the email came back, so I called and waited again. Finally a CSR picked up. I asked about the urgent email, and all the guy wanted was to try to upsell me accessories. When I explained to him that I already had the items--that's why I ordered this camera--he became very abrupt, and ended the call.
    Ten days later, I checked the order status on the web and discovered that my order had not shipped, that the "items were being assembled and will ship shortly." I called, waited on hold again, and when I got through to a CSR, I asked about the status of my order. The CSR told me they were out of stock and would get a shipment in 3-5 days. I told her that the website specifically said "in stock", at which point she got rude. "We process many orders per day, first come first served, and we can't be expected to immediately update our website for every item. Your item will probably ship in 3-5 days. So it's up to you, what do you wanna do?!" Being the forgiving type, I told her I'd wait. Here it is five days later, and not even an email. I just cancelled, and only then got a CSR who wasn't a jerk, and told her so.
    Cthulhu wont make the same mistake twice.

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    Do Your Research, Butterfly Photo Is Among Top Etailers Nationwide.

    If you were to judge by their reviews its pretty obvious that they are doing the right thing by their customers. I ordered from Butterfly several times and everything went smoothly. I also ordered from other companies posing as reputable stores on similar engines like Pricerunner or what have you. Thought I was gonna save money by dealling with these guys but was taught a good lesson about online shopping. DO NOT GO WITH THE UNFAMILIAR OR NEWER INTERNET COMPANIES BECAUSE OF THEIR SLIGHTLY LOWER PRICES! This is a hook, a trap and once your pulled in your in a world of trouble. Butterfly has been around for over 10 years. Im a photojournalist and have buying my gear from them for significantly less and without the hassle.
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    Why has the original author of this post not replied with the response he got from Butterfly on the "Monday" he was supposed to call? I am confident all was worked out fine.

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    Buyer Beware

    Butterfly Photo's main office address is 1764A New Durhamd Rd, South Plainsfield, NJ 07080, just Google that and see what you come up with. What I found were 156 different URL addresses associated with this same mailing address, all with different company names, Butterfly Photo being just one of them. I found literally thousands of complaints against these companies. These people are criminals, so set aside any favorable review that you read in here, and do yourself a favor and spend the extra couple of hundred bucks doing business with an honest company, perhaps in your local economy, (just a suggestion.)

    My experience with Butterfly Photo is still ongoing, I bought I plasma TV back in June and I am still waiting, I paid extra for the 3-5 days of shipping, what this company failed to inform me was that they had no intention of ever living up to that. The customer service department is filled with kind sounding liars. Danny the manager, is the biggest liar of them all, talk about total BS coming out of some guys mouth, he difinitely has a future in politics if he wants one.

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