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    Get a Skylight UV filter

    I already posted this in another Forum - but thought I should share this here too: -
    OK - here's a seasoned photographer who's casually dabbled for more years than he'd like to admit to.
    However - no one is immune to overlooking basics sometimes!.
    After I got my initial dSLR settup just over a year ago - I found a minute mark on my Sigma 17 - 70
    Horrified I remembered I hadn't purchased a protective UV filter.
    Fortunately there is no visible effect and the mark is tiny.
    So both the 17 - 70 & the 70 - 300 were duly fitted with UV filters.
    I always used UV filters or skylight filters on my lenses in my fSLR days - so why did I forget?...
    Now - I just purchased an inbetween lens which could turn out to be used more than I thought it would be
    the 28 - 200, which I found has been discontinued - I got the Sigma so at least I have a matching set (not that it really matters).
    Taking some comparison shots at the same focal lenths I noticed outside that the 28 - 200 had a slightly, almost soft, haze to the fine detail - I figured it was just not quite as sharp as the 17 - 70 (which it probably isn't). Then it dawned on my tiny old brain cell - I haven't got a UV filter on it!!!!
    How stupid can I be and still be alive??
    My advice?
    Buy a filter to protect your lens - make it a good one - not a cheapo one - they are more likely to cause reflections off the digital sensor. I am very pleased with the Sigma DG one I got (to match the lens) other makes, like Hoya, for example are good too.
    BTW - shop around - prices for the same thing vary quite a lot!!
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    Sigma 70-300APO, Tokina 100 AT-X Pro D.
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