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    Pricing Question?

    Hey all, new to these forums. I have been looking at adding a DSLR camera. I have been leaning to Sony, I have a lot of their products and have always enjoyed them. I also have some nice lenses from my Minolta camera I would like to use.

    I was looking at the A100 but there are some new features on the 200 that I like. I have been doing some price shopping. I checked pricing on this site and noticed they have a lot of internet sites listed with way lower pricing than I have seen any where. Are these legitimate companies? The reviews seem to be positive. You just have to question when the prices are so different.

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    Normally, if the price is that great ... something is very suspect.

    SONY has agreements with vendors that they cannot offer "on-line" pricing below a certain level. To name one such vendor, Adorama is participating in that, and will supply you with an unadvertised price via EMAIL... if it is not on their website. You just have to supply your email address to receive it.

    The A100K (with 18-70 kit lens) is going for around $575. If you see it lower, then you have to be very wary. It'll be some merchant that has other plans for your wallet, also.
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    Just Get A A700 And Save Your Self From Upgrading Later..;-)

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    A100s are being closed out, since they have been replaced with the A200. The A200 wasn't actually available, but are now on shelves at big box stores and internet sales warehouses, so their prices are dropping.

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