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    Thumbs up EXIF Reader-->Focus Distance Info

    Came across a free EXIF reader that some might be interested in--
    For Nikon D-lenses, it will give you the details for -->
    Field of View in Degrees
    Circle of Confusion
    Depth of Field in meters
    Focus Distance in meters
    Hyperfocal Distance
    as well as a lot more detail image/lens info...

    Now one can have a bit better idea of just how far that subject was at the time of the image...

    Its unclear, though, as to just how accurate the Focus Distance reading is to actual subject distance. I've checked the Focus Distance info on a number of images where I know the distance and it seems to be fairly accurate.

    At the same time, though, I have other images where it doesn't make sense showing Focus Distance to say a plane-in-flight's image as being at 74.99-meters and there's no way it was that close to me... Maybe I'm not understanding of how the Focal Distance vis a vis Hyperfocal distance is coming into play...
    Perhaps others might enlighten me...

    It does allow for the camera body's serial number but, alas, not for D50 models...
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    thats pretty cool thanks
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    Try putting that same lens on the infinity mark and see what it reads for focus distance. I'm guessing 74.99 meters. I would guess the hyperfocal distance is somewhat short of 75 meters.
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