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    Unhappy Samsung S630 not working

    I bought a camera last Fall and it is not working correctly now. I bought the red Samsung S630, and apparently that hunk of plastic cannot handle my life and now it isn't working right and it's hard to explain.

    I admit that I did the cardinal electronics sin and dropped it while at a 5k. It hasn't worked well since. The worst part is that I am a broke teen with no car, job, or money so I can't exactly get up and replace it or even ask my parents since we aren't exactly in the most financially stable point right now. I was wondering if anyone at all recognizes the following problem and knows what to do? I'm pretty sure dropping it voided my warranty, so I'm really stuck here.

    My camera has the various modes that can be switched by turning the wheel on the top of the camera. However, now I can hardly get it to stay in one mode long enought to take the picture, and that burns a lot of battery. There doesn't appear to be anything wrong with the wheel so I suspect it to be an internal problem of some sort. Maybe something isn't touching correnct inside the camera since sometimes if I squeeze it will go into the right mode. But overall, it keeps changing modes randomly and it doesn't even correspond to the wheel anymore. I might try to take a picture in ASR and by the time I press the button it doesn't take a picture but swings into different modes until I let go of the button and it settles on one (usually wrong) mode.

    Quick snapshots have become a hassle and videos are just impossible, since I cannot capture until the camera settles on a mode.

    Any way I can fix it? Or am I screwed and better start getting out the walgreens disposables?

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    Yeah, it's done

    Dropping a camera will really damage it most of the time.
    On the outside, it'll look fine, but you probably messed up something on the inside.

    Repair costs will probably come out to more than the price of the camera as you can get the Samsung S630 for $79 now.

    Sell that broken one on Ebay for a few dollars and save up money for a new one.

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