Hello all,

I come here frustrated, so please bear with me as I spill my guts...

Recently I made a move to sell off my P&S Kodak cams and get a pro DSLR. I ended up with a Canon Rebel XT and then added 2 lenses. 28-135 IS and 70-300 IS USM. Started taking photos and everything was well.

Then recently my gf picked up a Canon SX100 for me to take on a trip to Vegas (the XT was just to bulky for all day travel). I liked it because it has 10x optical and is pocketable. So I went with it.

Before I left I saw a deal on an XTi and purchased it. Then put my XT on ebay.

Got back from the trip with some amazing photos from the SX100. Then shipped out a now sold XT and starting using the XTi thinking all would be fine and dandy...

Then the nightmare began...

I have taken many many indoor shots with the XTi only to find a strong yellow tint to all the photos. Yes I have a halogen light in the room (not flourescent) and there is mild yellow light. I do anticipate some tinting comparable to the room lighting.

So to take it further....tonight I took out the SX100 and snapped a shot on program mode, ISO 800, shutter speed 1/20, f 3.5, no flash. Turned out beautiful!

I did the exact same settings on the XTi and well...crap! A dingy yellow photo that didnt even compare in quality to the sx100 shot. I then tried flourescent mode. Same deal. I have also tried the "custom white balance" on the XTi without any luck. Maybe I am doing something wrong?

Well in conclusion (and thanks for staying with me here) I have never, ever had a camera with this type of problem. Some complain of high noise, others soft focus, low saturation, whatever... but its pretty difficult to comprehend how a new Canon XTi can fail dramatically in this area.

Right now I am looking for ideas or solutions. Could there be something wrong with it? Should I go back to an XT? Should I move over to Nikon? What gives?

Tips from any experienced photographers much appreciated.