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Thread: canon 20D kits

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    canon 20D kits

    ive been saving up for the 20d for some time and i just about have the right amount of cash. however the question of which lense is becoming a huge problem with me, im not to fond of what i have heard about the 18-55mm lense as compared with the 17-85mm....any help or experience on this topic would help alot. i dont want to end up getting a good body with a bad lense

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    I would stay far away from the 17-85 lens myself.

    if you want to see for yourself please go and find a store with both in stock then take a picture of the store that includes a white light and zoom up to the edge of the light. you will see a purple haze coming from it. this same haze will not be there on the kit lens or the sigma 18-125 ( I would recomend this lens).

    If you really want to go with a good lens for the same price as the 17-85 IS you can get the 17-40 f4L. however you will need a nother lens for telephoto. the 75-300 usm IS is not too bad but the better quality L lens is the 100-400 IS L is more than 3 times the price.


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