I am new to this forum and a new A700 owner (10 days). The A700 is my first DSLR. This is my first post and I have several questions but will start with the two most on my mind right now.

For some background, I have had Minolta equipment since 1985 when I purchased my first 7000 body which I still have (and it is still fully operational). Over the years I have collected several Minolta AF lenses and a second 7000 body (I liked to shoot both print and color transparency). I now will share my Minolta lens stable between the 7000's and the A700.

First question, my A700 has Rev 1 software and I want to upload the new Rev 3 version. However, I read one place on the web (can't find it again) where an A700 owner did the Rev 3 upload and ended up with a poorly functioning camera. Does anyone have knowledge that there have been problems with Rev 3 or the process? Or was this an isolated case?

Second question, with the 7000 my favorite zoom lens for general use was the Minolta 35 - 70mm f4.5 zoom. With the A700 this will equate to about 50 - 110mm. As such no slight wide angle capability will be available. What would be your recommendation for a lens in the same effective zoom range at f4 (or perhaps a stop or two better if it doesn't break the bank)? I have only used Minolta lenses with the 7000 and therefore unfamiliar with 3rd party product. Since most of the Sony designed lenses don't appear to get high marks, I am probably going to have to look elsewhere, right?

Thanks for your help,