Have had no probs with this camera at all since purchasing it. Got it out last night to show a friend and when she'ld gone went to delete the shots she'd taken and instantly noticed the arrow keys weren't responding...

I've tried changing the battery in case it was just a low battery thing but no difference.

Have also tried removing and replacing the lens.

Am unable to try returning to factory settings as that requires the use of the arrow keys to access that part of the menu system!!!

Camera operates fine apart from this. I can focus and depress the shutter. Change shutter speed and aperture using the wheel on the top of the camera.

What I can't do is access any part of the main menu system or manually scroll through and delete photos in camera. I also seem to be unable to use the lock function ( AEL/AFL key symbol button ) on the viewable image during playback.

I'm stumped. Any ideas?