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    would this improve the canon a650 is?

    I know this is an amateurish question, but here goes; since the 650 has a larger sensor than the sx100 and 720is, but is crammed with 12 megapixels, , would you actually improve the 650's image quality by going down to, say, 8 mps (not sure how you actually do that, but I've seen it mentioned)? If so, can you tell us how to do it? Any downsides, besides paying for 12, but only using 8 mps? You could look at it like you're paying for the better sensor (and lens?).
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    12mp is the max resolution of the A650 but you can lower it to lower values. Maybe 8, 6, 4, and 2. It's a setting the user can change. We've discussed this many times on this board and some people say lowering the resolution does improve image quality, but most say it doesn't. It would be nice if there was an A650 review here that addressed that issue. I was hoping for it in the Fuji F50 review but didn't see that.

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    My guess is that you'll get an 8 MP image that's the equivalent of taking a 12 MP image and reducing it to 8 MP via software. Some noise from the original image may be lost while throwing away the pixels but in the same ratio as you are throwing away actual image information.

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