Gah! I'm starting two new threads in one day!

Okay, so my DD is in basketball this year and I have been TRYING to get some decent shots of the game. It's a pain! Those girls MOVE!

Last time was in our gym and I kept focusing in on the background. There was plenty of light so I didn't need to use a flash and I used my zoom lens. I believe that time I just set it on the sports setting.

Tonight I decided to try my 50mm out with it stopped all the way down. I didn't think a flash would do much good and the gym we were at has worse lighting then ours. A LOT of the pictures are just too blurry to use. A lot have part of the girl in focus with the rest of her blurred.

We've got 2 games left this season and I'm hoping to do better. Any advice? Will my SB600 make any difference? I worry it would be too distracting for the girls too.

Oh, I've been on the sidelines sitting, not at the end of the courts. I'm thinking the end might be better because at least then I can have them coming at me instead of trying to pan. Panning is something new and I'm not skilled, lol.