I just got this camera about a month ago and it seems to work fine except when I take pictures indoors. The images become blurry with the slightest shake. My hands naturally shake so it's the reason why I went for IS. My IS setting is on as continous. I know for my indoor shots, I don't need to use flash. But when I don't use it, I see the red camera shaking icon on the bottom left. So everytime I take a picture without flash, I get a blurry image. I read that the cause of the red icon is that my iso setting is low and/or I don't have flash on. Even with the auto iso setting and flash off, I still get blurry images. I don't like how the auto setting makes the ISO to about 200 which produces noise in my pictures. Even during the daytime, the ISO used is 200. I could be wrong on this issue. But I would like someone to at least tell me what I'm doing wrong in using this camera. I would like to take a lot of indoor shots without having to use flash. Does compact fluorescent lights provide inadequate lighting? I have those in every room in the house.

Btw, I used to own the A570IS. It takes indoor pictures fine without flash and it isn't blurry. I do see the red shaking icon as well. My iso setting on this camera was auto.

I'm concerned because I need to use my camera for class, since I need to take a lot of indoor pictures of anatomy and physiology models. And I need to take pictures of microscope slides, I can't afford to have blurry pictures.