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    z712is battery project! MODDING 500+ shots

    hi, i currently own a z712is kodak camera! i am very happy with it, except for the battery issue, so i was planning on building a custom battery pack for it plugged via the dc in 3volts, now my problem was my camera says on the side 3volts dc on the side, i was thinking of making a battery pack out of 3 AA's mah 1.2 x 3 = 3.6v only problem is isnt 3.6v to high for my camera? does anyone have any idea on this? my problem was my camera has to high cut off value for ni-mah's which is only rated at 1.2v each, and klic-8000 or crv-3's are to expensive for me!

    any thoughts on these? please help!
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    Update to external battery pack MOD

    hi, to all the people who has viewed my thread here's an update! actually a mod i did! as you all know i was looking for help as to whether i could use my camera's dc 3v in! but my problem was the battery pack that i was assembling was composed of 3 AA's MAH which equal to 3.6volts! 1.2 x 3 = 3.6v anyway i decided that the only way for me to really know if it would work is to try! finally after a few parts that i have picked up from my local electronics store i have finally done it! and i working quite well! it only cost me 2$ to make! and i can take about 500 shots per pack! pretty much beats klic-8000 and cr-v3's in the dust!

    here's some pics of the battery pack i did!

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    ALL Digital cameras eat batteries like fat kids eat cotton candy so I can not see it being an issue with one camera. I can't see me walking around with that battery pack in my pocket and the cord running to my camera so I bought the KODAK rechargeable LI-ION battery for my Z712is and Z1012is. I have KODAK rechargeables here that are 8 years old and some the are five years old so I'm going to guess these will last a few days. While your battery pack idea has been around for decades it's just not in any way practical for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sugarqfx View Post
    my problem was the battery pack that i was assembling was composed of 3 AA's MAH which equal to 3.6volts! 1.2 x 3 = 3.6v
    Kodak's KLIC-8000 is rated at 3.7V

    Good job with that DYI battery!
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