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    Well, the day has finally come ... and one I never really thought would.

    I'm actually buying a SIGMA brand lens that I want. LOL

    Yeah, add it to the gearhead's list: SIGMA 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC (SONY mount)

    Now, I thought I would have no problem with waiting on buying this lens ... as the local store had three of these SONY-compatibles, last week, at Calumet Photography, in Oak Brook. Today ... Zero! What the heck?

    I made mention of how this was the preferred lens in Great Britain and wham ... sold out. Next time ... I'm waiting until I have mine, first, before I say anything like that again. Even the guy on the phone was going on about how much he liked this particular lens. Admittedly, the construction seemed a bit more thought out, for this lens. Less light bending in the first few elements. That's gotta result in less distortion and sharper imaging.

    SIGMA 10-20mm
    Attachment 32565

    TAMRON 11-18mm
    Attachment 32564

    So, okay ... my SIGMA-cherry is gone! Both the SONY 11-18mm and the TAMRON 11-18mm are inferior in comparison (they're the same lens - shhh, don't tell anyone), plus they're both more expensive, too. Guess you are paying for that "extra" element. (A nod to "Coldrain") The apparent quality of output is not especially reflected in the price.

    Yes, I'm giving up the TAMRON 6-year warranty for a better shot. Oh, the trade-offs I make. I'm so ashamed ...
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