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I'm looking for a new compact digital camera and just started checking out the samsungs. Do you have any idea how they perform?
There's not much activity on this Samsung forum, as you've experienced. I'm neither a professional nor a camera dealer, but I've had experience with the S85. Before I bought it, I handled it in a store and took some sample shots. Then I found two reviews of it on the internet, both praising it and offering sample images to compare with images generated by other cameras: Trusted Reviews was especially helpful. Like most less expensive Samsungs, it doesn't have optical image stabilization. It also is very poor in low light. But the flash is very strong, it has an excellent lens, and has lots of features, especially the 5x optical zoom. I've gotten some great pictures with it, very sharp, and great even at 8"x10". I'm still high on the S85. Not all Samsungs, from what I've read, have great lenses, but all seem poor on battery life and don't do very well in low light (compared, for example, to the Fujis).
If you are looking for a sub-compact, because Samsung doesn't have optical image stabilization, I'd look at what Canon has to offer. It's still the top brand, mainly because Canons have great color and produce good images overall. If pocketability is not a huge value for you, the Trusted Reviews report on the Canon A2000 IS shows what a sharp lens it has---still a fairly small camera, at about $170 at Amazon.com. It has a 6x optical zoom, which is a great feature -- much better than the normal 3x or 4x, when you are looking to get a good candid. I'd suggest, however, reading as many reviews online and stopping by a store and handling and shooting some trial shots with any camera before buying it.
One other trouble with Samsungs is that they don't get reviewed much online and so you can't get a good idea just how good a given model might be.