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    Need help choosing my first camera

    Hi, I'm looking at buying a digital camera to...take photos. The price range will be from 0 up to a maximum of say 80. I want something that can fit in my coat pocket and will use it on holiday and general days out (indoors, well-lit like a sports hall and dark like in a club; and outdoors). I want to take good quality photos and will probably including sporting images (tennis). As many useful special effects as possible (get a fair amount of blur with my camera phone). Ideally I want something which takes pictures quickly as my phone has about a 2 second delay which isn't very good when taking pictures of people playing tennis . Optical zoom will be helpful (since I read digital is bad for quality). Ease of use since I'm a noob. Also when I go on holiday in the summer (Cyprus) I will be scuba diving and so if a particular camera has a waterproof case that can be brought for it then it would be of great benefit. Two I've looked at are Kodak V803 and Fuji Finepix A800 but I can't find a proper review of the latter.

    More than likely I'll be buying from Amazon and will "buy new"; the cameras are seperated into the price ranges of 30-50 and 50-100.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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    i know im sounding stupid here. but how much is that in US dollars?
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    I'm confident most any camera would beat your phone! So I would be inclined to let the underwater housing drive the camera choice. First find a housing that you're happy with, then just look into those cameras that fit it well.

    Kelly Cook

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    The price range will be from 0 up to a maximum of say 80
    80 pounds ($160) for a camera and an underwater housing won't buy you great quality. Even the cheapest decent underwater housing is going to cost $30-$40 (http://www.bonicadive.com), which leaves you with about $120 to spend on a camera. For that price, I don't think you will do better than the Panasonic LS75.

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