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    Nikon D300 Battery Life

    In his review of the D300, Jeff Keller noted that the EN-EL3e lithium-ion rechargeable battery delivers far better performance in the D300 than in the D200 and called that difference "weird." The reason is that the D200 uses a CCD sensor and the D300 uses a CMOS sensor. The CCD sensor requires almost 100 times the power than a CMOS sensor.

    The D300 is a fantastic photographic instrument but there is one ergonomic design flaw. When opening the CF card compartment it is nearly impossible to grasp the camera in a way that one's fingers aren't in the way of the pop-up lid.
    Other than that, the camera is a dream to use.

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    Presuming the D300 is the same in this regard as the D200, have you tried pushing the little button that pops the card out to make it more accessible? This also has the advantage that the card is already pushed off the pins, so it slides out easily.
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