My first post and in desperate need of help. My mind is about to explode after researching this far too long.
I was almost decided to go with the SP-560 because I really want that 18x zoom plus the panorama assist feature will be great to take pics of the gorgeous Utah mountains.
Then I read about the Rebel XTi and its awesome image quality and things got harder for my mind.
If I were to get the Rebel, I will need a 500mm lense (right?) to match the 18x zoom of the sp-560. That could probably kill the Rebel as an option unless there is a cheap lense that does the job fine. When I say cheap I mean less than $200.
I am no photographer and my previous cameras has been a Fuji 2650 and Sony DSC-T5 so either of this cameras should be a huge jump in quality specially the Rebel.
I really want the Rebel picture quality but maybe cost and complexity for a rookie will be too much. Perhaps I will be just as happy with the 560...is the image quality difference HUGE between the two if I am mostly printing 4x6 some 10x8 and whatever panorama shots I can create?
Sorry for all the questions and long post but I REALLY need help.