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    HELP ultra compact!

    I'm in the market for my first digital camera. I'm a college student, fairly experienced with photography (in the sense that i'm literate with the tech) but am not interested in it as a serious hobby, at least not at this point in my life.

    What I really want is a great, stylish, high-quality ultra-compact digital camera, basically a point-and-shoot, that I can hold in my pocket, won't break and is built like a hunk of steel, and will serve me well to capture college memories and events.. I would appreciate some manual controls if possible such that I have some ability to get creative with my photos if I feel the need.

    I've been really impressed with the Samsung NV series...love the interface, and while the reviews haven't been universally glowing of the photo excellence, I feel that they appear to be on par with anything in that price range. Furthermore I don't believe I've got the eye to really notice those flaws anyways.

    So, basically, though I'm still considering some other cameras (Canon SD1000, some other compacts?) I wanted some help with the Samsung NV line. I have no idea what's considered their "high end" ultra-compact. It appears the older model is the NV10, and the NV15 and NV20 are both newer, and in the same dimensions as the NV10, with some different specifications. The NV11 is a larger, different camera altogether, so I'm not considering it really.

    My question is: which of the NV10, 15, and 20 is considered "best", which would be your recommendation? And if you can think of another manufacturer/model that fits my needs and puts the NV line to shame, do tell!

    Thanks much.

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    Check out the reviews on the Samsung line over at DCP..the NV10 is a older model but still available.The NV15 is a 10mp camera while the NV20 is 12mp. The NV15 may be worth a look but the Canon lineup will have better IQ

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    Samsung cameras are not well-reviewed. Small cameras with generally good reviews are those made by Canon (sd1000, sd750, sd800is, sd850is, sd870), Fuji (F40fd), and Panasonic (Fx12, Fx30, Fx33 and Fx55).

    Ultimately it's up to you whether you want a camera that looks good or one that takes good pictures.

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