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    CANON A95 vs SONY DSC W1

    I've cutted my choices down to 2 right now, just to make it easier for you guys

    The Canon A95 takes high qaulity pics, a 1.8 Rotating screen, AA bateries, good software bundle, quiet a bit of manual controls and scene modes.

    The Sony W1 also seems good, high quality pics, 2.0 Lcd screen, 2.0 usb port, fast perfomance and good video mode.

    The price is the same by the way..

    So what do you guys say, it's a tough choice.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by TripleFFF
    So what do you guys say, it's a tough choice.....
    For a 35mm film person like me, it wouldn't be a tough choice. I like having aperture and shutter priority modes. Since the A95 has those modes easily accessible through the mode dial and the Sony doesn't, it would be an easy pick in favor of the 95.

    If you want something similar to the W1 but want the modes of the A95, take a look at the Sony V1. It is 5mp, 4x, hotshoe, and metal body.


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