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    noodlemaine Guest

    "unidentified image" help! (shot with powershot 850 & ATP card)

    Hi everyone, I'm new here, and I have a problem I've never encountered before.

    I've had a Canon Powershot SD 850 IS for about a month now and use an ATP brand SD 2GB memory card. Midway yesterday (after taking about 200 photos), I did some reviewing and found that some of my images were "unidentified" and now showed up as small thumbnails. I was confused because they had shown up fine upon immediate inspection. Why were they suddenly corrupted? I kept on taking photos, and everything seemed fine. Out of the 200ish photos I took last night, only a few of them showed up as unidentified later. It just seems so random: two from 11AM, seven from 3PM, one from 11PM...you get the picture. When I uploaded them onto my computer today, the thumbnails were fine, but when I actually tried to view them, they showed up halfway and mixed with other photos. All of the videos I had filmed yesterday were fine though.

    Can anybody tell me what's wrong here: my camera or my memory card? Or is it my own fault? I never had this problem with my old Canon, and I don't think I pressed anything when taking those now-unidentified photos. I've never used ATP before, though, maybe that's why. I just want to know how to prevent this from happening the next time I take photos.

    Also, are there image-recovery programs that don't require memory card readers? Even though I know most people use readers, I'd like to know if my photos can even be saved before I buy one since I'm perfectly satisfied with using a USB cable.

    I think that about covers it. Any help is appreciated!

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    I don't think it is the ATP brand that is the problem. I use an ATP in my Panasonic. It is the card I favor.

    I have not encountered the problem you have with my SD850. If nobody comes up with a solution, you may wish to try some of the following: If you know somebody who has a computer with a card reader, see if you can try uploading to that computer. What I am suggesting is trying to isolate the problem. If that works, try uploading to that computer with your USB cable. The keep going until you find the solution.

    Good luck.
    Panasonic FZ20, Kodak DC4800, Canon SD850 for when I don't want to carry a camera

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    rscherzinger Guest

    Question Unidentified image

    I am having the same problem. I have had the camera about two weeks and took about 200 pictures and a few movies too without a problem. Now I get this "unidentified image" and can not figure it out. I am using an elite pro 4GB card. I hae placed the card in a reader and get the same results. I have tried various ways to open with ACDsee, Adobe, Microsoft scanner, etc and get the same results. Do you know a tech help site for Canon?

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    It is a common issue. You can follow this digital camera photo recovery guide that helped me recover my lost photos before
    how to recover photos from camera

    the tutorial is easy to follow. So try it now to get back lost photos.
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